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Welcome to our new Trustees! James A. Flood, Jr. has renewed for another 3 year term! Your votes have added Patrick Johansen and Larry J. Raymer into your Board of Trustees! Thanks for your votes!

We have a new tsunami evacuation map for our Surfside members, thanks to our Emergency Management Committee and Cartomation, Inc. Click here
to view: Surfside3_Tsunami_evac 11x17_6-2016

Interested in checking out the Map Your Neighborhood video? There are lots of tips to consider in the event of a local emergency! We have the DVD
here at the business office for you to check out and take home or you can click here for the series on Youtube.com: Map Your Neighborhood

Shoreline Management Plan update information: Click here:Shoreline Master Plan Update
Flood Control District information: Click here:Flood Control District

See the water levels of the canal and Skating Lake! Pacific County has graciously allowed Surfside to provide a link to their graph!
Click here: Pacific County water levels graph


February 8, 2016 violation letter to members: Violation letter 2-8-16
October 28, 2015 violation letter to members: Violation notice-10-28-15
July 29, 2015 violation letter to members: Violation notice to members 7-29-15
May 18, 2015 violation letter to members: 20150709102635447

Click for our water operating permit: 2016 Operating permit
We’ve updated our Water System Plan! Click on the link below to take a look!
Water System Plan Appendices

Special Membership Meeting presentation documentation:
Presentation 4-18-15

Are you curious about the Water Use Efficiency program?  
Click below for information:

Water Use Efficiency Public Meeting Presentation 2-21-15
Official handout – public hearing 2-21-15

For more information on the new Washington Administrative Code 246-290-4901 concerning Cross Connection Control, click on the link below;

Cross Connection Control WAC 246-290-490
Surfside’s Cross Connection Control Program
List of approved backflow preventors website


Pacific County Hazard Mitigation Plan link: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/c9b4a4f4-fdc8-4a69-acef-51abf951d738
Curious about Washington State rules regarding ratification of the budget? Here’s the link.
RCW 64.38.025

Found Japanese tsunami debris? Click on the link below for contact information.
Tsunami Debris Contact Information