Flock In Flight

Photo provided by Louise Purdin

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Come to the Regular Board Meeting on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.! All members are invited to attend! Your comments are always welcome during floor comments. Here’s the draft agenda: Draft Board Agenda 8-18-18…/// If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can always attend remotely! Let us know and we can hook you up!

The Water Dept. has begun night time auto flushing to improve water quality and temperature. After a group of high color complaints and sulfur smell complaints, we informed DOH, and determined that the likely cause is organics and chlorine reacting in very warm water and creating high color. The change in water chemistry during these warmer months could also be contributing to more complaints of sulfur smell from water heaters . Flushing to reduce water temperature, and a small reduction in chlorine dosing, should improve water quality.

We have a new tsunami evacuation map for our Surfside members, thanks to our Emergency Management Committee. Click here to view: Surfside3_Tsunami_evac 11x17_6-2016

Interested in checking out the Map Your Neighborhood video? There are lots of tips to consider in the event of a local emergency! We have the DVD
here at the business office for you to check out and take home or you can click here for the series on Youtube.com: Map Your Neighborhood

See the water levels of the canal and Skating Lake! Pacific County has graciously allowed Surfside to provide a link to their graph!
Click here: Pacific County water levels graph

Tree and Building Height limits: Surfside webmap


Curious about our “Spend Plan”? It is a cash flow tool we’re using to accompany our financial reports! Click here: 2018SpendPlan_Mar30_2018
Pacific County Hazard Mitigation Plan link: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/b3e1e776-19fb-45dd-aa7f-8839c256754a
Curious about Washington State rules regarding ratification of the budget? Here’s the link.
RCW 64.38.025

Found Japanese tsunami debris? Click on the link below for contact information.
Tsunami Debris Contact Information