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Welcome to the Surfside Homeowners Association website!  This is YOUR official Surfside Homeowners Association website.  No other website is an official site.  Views expressed on any other website do not necessarily reflect the facts or views of the Surfside HOA Board of Trustees.

The business office is open weekdays from 9AM-5PM; the Water Department is open 7:30AM to 4PM weekdays.  

Please contact us by phone (360.665.4171) or send an email to if you have questions.  


Election Information Here

The Signed Report of the Inspector of Election of the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Surfside Home Owners Association is available here on the Election 2022 page.


Check out the events page to see all Surfside and local peninsula events.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have implemented Member Only pages that require you to register a username and password to logon.   We will activate your registration as soon as possible during the business day. Thank you for your patience.

Click here to view our new Surfside HOA video!


On behalf of the retirees of Pacific County, we want to announce the inauguration of a new monthly lecture series called INSIGHT FOR ELDERS. This lecture series is organized by Tony Pfannenstiel and Kim Patten, WSU Professor Emeritus.

The Mission Statement of INSIGHT FOR ELDERS is to provide opportunity for continued learning for seniors through lectures and discussions on critical topics relevant to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Subjects will include local ecology and geology, legal and financial advice for seniors, habits for living well, recreational opportunities, death and dying, living with pain, and much more. We are hoping these lectures will provide for rousing discussion and opportunities to form a better community.

Scheduling announcements will be made on the Surfside HOA Weekender, the Peninsula Senior Center, and on KMUN, along with other news outlets. We would greatly appreciate it if you would contact us for topics you believe would be important for the local elderly population to explore (Tony 503 720-6786, or Kim 360-355-7864) . Lastly, if you know of someone who has a certain expertise or knowledge base in a particular subject that might be of interest to Peninsula elders, please let us know.


Pacific County Hyper-Reach

In case of a main break or a boil water advisory, we will send out a message via  Pacific County’s hyper-reach program.   You sign up with your cell phone, landline or email.  You will also receive a notification that the advisory has been lifted.   Be sure to check Surfside as the municipality or you will not receive the notifications. Click here to signup for Pacific County’s hyper-reach program.  

Also implemented are member forums.

More changes are coming!

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